incident investigation

Note: Elements are under development and subject to continual change and evolution.

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Service Overview

When unplanned events occur, the impact of this within an organisation can create confusion and the feeling of a lack of direction and unfamiliar expectations.  This is without even mentioning the consequences of the event itself in terms of impact to people, the environment, damage to assets and loss of revenue though production outage, and potential damage to reputation.   Having robust incident investigation tools and processes embedded into an organisation enables a deeper understanding of the event through revealing identification of causal relationships, and the corrective actions required to prevent a reoccurrence.

Asset Integrity Solutions can be outsourced on an ad-hoc, or fixed interval basis to provide support and direction to organisations in order to understand potential or realised events, and to define solutions & resources required to prevent, proportionate to the event. Outsourcing AIS specialists can also gel people and actions towards a unified outcome and reduce event lifecycle. This intervention can include complete facilitaiton of an incident and recovery assistance, to facilitation of discreet investigation sessions or the provision of training and awareness workshops.

6 Key Elements